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Headline: Fatwá Shedding al-Barād‘ī’s Blood: Egypt is under the Rule of Law, and We are Not in the Jāhilīyah Age Source: Rose al-YūsufPages: 20Author: Karam JabrKeywords: al-Barād‘ī ------------------------------------- Headline: Economic Relations between the Islamic World and the West [in the...
The head of the Chaldean bishops in the Iraqi city of Kirkūk on Tuesday announced that Christmas celebrations for this year have been cancelled following a threat from al-Qā‘idah. Only prayers will be held, the church official said. The prayers will be held in the morning under strict protection,...
The article discusses the Iraqi crisis, and the escalating terrorist attacks that are ripping the country apart.
Kurds will never be main players in their region because of their reliance on the American occupiers, who will eventually, accompanied by their agents, leave.
The author discusses the plight of Christians in Iraq.
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