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A priest and a historian and intellectual are two examples of sowing sedition and hatred between Muslims ands Christians.
Aḥmad Pasha and Maḥmūd Samāḥah reflect on the repeated sectarian incidents in the Governorate of al-Minia, believing that poverty, vengeance and fanaticism are the keys behind the spread of sectarianism in the society of al-Minia.
The author discusses Hālah al-Miṣrī, who claims that State Security is conspiring against her because of her activities in the field of human rights.
Middle East Christians Association issued statistics on the number of churches and mosques in Egypt.
al-Jihād ideologue, Sayyid Imām refuses to apologize for the killings and the terrorist operations which the organization committed because it would strengthen the position of opponents of the reviews within the organization.
Pope Shenouda inaugurates a church and restoration works are carried out in a monastery in an Upper Egyptian village.
Copts of Upper Egypt and Luxor felt deep resentment after Pope Shenouda decided to postpone his visit to Upper Egypt because of the high temperature, as he said.
A dispute over the title-deed of a piece of rural land in Luxor’s village of al-Madāmūd between a Muslim family and a Christian one is listed in media outlets as a sectarian strife.
The pope is expected in the Upper Egyptian village of al-Dab‘īyah in Luxor governorate to inaugurate a renewed church. Rumors spread about the Copts of Luxor being preparing for a demonstration vying to reinstate Bishop Amonius and rejecting any other alternative. At the same time fliers were...
The Inter Press Service news agency has issued a report on the recent sectarian incidents that Egypt has witnessed. The report says that the current episodic violent conflicts are the greatest threat the country has ever faced.


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