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The pope is expected in the Upper Egyptian village of al-Dab‘īyah in Luxor governorate to inaugurate a renewed church. Rumors spread about the Copts of Luxor being preparing for a demonstration vying to reinstate Bishop Amonius and rejecting any other alternative. At the same time fliers were...
The Inter Press Service news agency has issued a report on the recent sectarian incidents that Egypt has witnessed. The report says that the current episodic violent conflicts are the greatest threat the country has ever faced.
The Coptic family, involved in the sectarian violence incidents that took place in the Upper Egyptian village of al-Dāmūd, accuses al-‘Imārī Muslim family of falsifying a rent contract and of exploiting the influence of Hamādah al-‘Imārī, a member of parliament, to gain a court ruling giving his...
New sectarian tension has surfaced in the Upper Egyptian village of al-Dāmūd following a quarrel between a Coptic family and a Muslim family. 13 persons were injured in the incidents, and the security forces assert that the situation is now under control.
Ibn Khaldoun Center for Development Studies denounced what it called ‘a reputation- tarnishing campaign against the Center amidst the tempest of foreign funds.’
PhD student Fiona McCallum concludes that by focusing on the bishops of the Coptic Orthodox Church, Hasan provides a clear and original study of the impact of the reform movement, illustrating that the use of traditions such as Coptic martyrology combined with modernization of the administration...
An Egyptian family of four was found dead in their New Jersey home. The police found Husām Armāniyous, his wife, Amal Jirās, and their two daughters tied up and slaughtered, after Amal’s brother reported them missing. He had not been able to reach the family for two days.
The Egyptian-Polish archaeological mission unearthed three papyri containing Coptic inscriptions that date back to the sixth century during excavation works at one of the Middle Kingdom tombs in al-Karnak, Luxor.
A Coptic husband spreads rumors about his wife and accuses her of adultery. He obliged his son to give false testimony against his mother, saying that she was married to a Muslim officer. The husband could thereby obtain a document from the church according to which he could marry again.
The accused in al-‘Udaysāt attacks were acquitted from the charges after reconciliation between the struggling parties.


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