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Subtitles:The leaders of terrorism who have escaped to London.1- The escaped terrorist Adel Abdel Hamied raises funds from the Islamic center to finance terrorism.2- Moustafa Hamza leads the training in the terrorist farms in Sudan.The author discusses the West’s involvement in terrorism in...
According to Mustafá Rajab, Jamā‘ah Islamīyah has tried to change its radical position to more a social and democratic one. It has issued books and statements portraying its new philosophy, which is considered to be repentant for everything it has done in terms of violence against the...
The author discusses establishing a union of vocational syndicates to solve the problems facing such syndicates but warns against political or religious groups controlling it.
Expatriate Copts held a conference to voice their demands, amongst which are imposing sanctions on Egypt and sending UN forces to protect Egyptian churches.
The ordination of a priest in ‘Udaysāt might open the door to a new wave of sectarianism. Hanī al-A‘sar investigates the surrounding circumstances.
Mamdouh al-Musallami declares the rise of a new generation of terrorist networks, but some experts disagree.
The author emphasizes that Egypt is witnessing a wave of terrorism, listing a number of fields, where the state could make efforts to deal with this serious problem.
The dialogue between civilizations has long been experienced by German youth in a very concrete way through intensive and active cultural exchange holidays in Egypt.
The author covers the recent inauguration of Archbishop Antonious Najīb as the new patriarch of Catholics, succeeding Archbishop Istifānous, who left his post due to his deteriorating health.
The Egyptian parliament has approved a two-year extension of the 25-year -old emergency law amidst strong opposition from Muslim Brotherhood and independent members of parliament. Arguing that the government uses the law to silence and oppress the opposition, Muslim Brotherhood members came to...


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