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The author reports on the forthcoming visit of Pope Shenouda to the U.S.
In this article, the author interviews Dr. Ahmed Jaballa and asks him questions about the role that Muslims in the West can play in being better representatives of Islam.
The author argues that Muslims and Arabs, whether inside their own countries or abroad, fail to adopt strong positions in the face of challenges.
In an interview with al-Dustour, Professor of French Literature at the Faculty of Languages, the Azhar University, Dr. Kamāl Jād Allāh recounts his experience as an imām of a mosque in Paris.
The article is an overview of a book by the religious affairs editor of “Le Monde” that was published recently under the title “La France des mosquées” [The France of Mosques]. The writer of the book is famous for his open-mindedness towards Islam. He is very keen on understanding the Islamic...
In the aftermath of violence and arson attacks that swept a number of French suburbs, French authorities have imposed curfew in a bid to curb riots and to restore public order.
The author, an Egyptian Armenian, looks briefly at some Armenian institutions in Egypt.
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