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Freedoms do not exist in a state that claims to be religious. Its nature is based on unanimity and authoritarianism which does not permit political or intellectual freedoms.
The prominent Egyptian intellectual Tarek Heggy wrote about a number of topics related to the developments in the Egyptian and Arab arenas, sending a number of press messages to figureheads in the Arab world.
A few days ago, 31 Egyptian women took the oath of office as judges amid fierce controversy and strong criticism from conservatives.
In the article, the grand Shaykh, Muhammad Ṭanṭāwī, presents the point of view of Islam regarding the concept of citizenship, and how the Prophet Muhammad has dealt with it after the hijrah to al-Madīnah al-Munawwarah.
Dr. Nash’at Ja‘far explains how Islām treated Ahl al-Kitāb as believers, not apostates.
The article is based on the presentation of a Ph.D. thesis that shows that Islam preceded the newly established concept of citizenship by demonstrating features of civil rights.
In the following interview, Muslim thinker Nasr Hāmid Abū Zayd discusses the present Islamic discourse, he refers to the history of the Islamic reformation in the 20th century and points out the current defects. Abū Zayd also tackles the problems of Egyptian society and the Azhar’s relationship...
Sayyid al-Qimnī presents a chart of the changes happened in social virtues of Arabs in the pre-Islamic time.
One of the issues that surfaced after September 11 is the issue of "religious discourse" and its importance in showing that Islam is not a religion of violence and terrorism. Articles covered in this press review show what kind of religious discourse is needed today and whether there are Western...
The Saudi Minister of Interior accused the Muslim Brotherhood of being behind most of the problems of the Arab and Muslim world. He announced the deportation of several Brothers for trying to destabilize the Kingdom. Such action was a surprise, especially in the light of the history of cooperation...


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