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Jordan is ready to relinquish its religious authority over Muslim holy sites in Jerusalem to the Palestinian National Authority, Prime Minister Abur-Ra’uf S. Rawabdeh has said.
Mohammed Shebl criticizes two hadiths which have been used by extremists to justify their activities. He argues that those who deny that these hadiths lead to terrorism in fact encourage terrorism. The RNSAW asked Dr. Abdel Mo’ti Bayoumi, dean of the College of the Foundation of Religion (Usul el-...
In this article, the author of the substitute of the Sunna involves the name of Libya’s president in the same case. He said that Al-Qadhafi and he had taken their information from one source and consequently the results were the same.
Charles Montagu Doughty (1843-1926) is the forgotten man of Arabian exploration. Doughty made a point of traveling openly and fearlessly, defiantly proclaiming his status as a Christian. Not surprisingly, he was snubbed, humiliated, beaten up and threatened with death.
The deniers of the Sunna formulated some new beliefs of their own. Some of these new beliefs are mentioned.
The Israeli police blocked a window which had been opened up by the Waqf, the charitable body responsible for Muslim holy sites leading to tensions between Israelis and Muslims in Jerusalem.
An Alexandria prosecutor has decided to charge 19 members of a dissident sect for religious contempt, judicial officials announced on 25 March.
The British Authority of Advertising Standards warned no religious symbols for the promotion of products should be used after Muslim organizations had complained about this.
The oldest known photographs of Mecca and Medina were sold at Sotheby’s.


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