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Final results of the elections held on April 8 are pending announcement. The article discusses voter turnout, and the reactions of voters after the elections.
Pope Shenouda faced Copts’ protests against the relocation of Bishop Makārius, the assistant bishop of al-Minyā.
Khalīl sheds light on the Egyptian group called ’Egyptians Against Religious Discrimination.’ He points out the various tasks and challenges.
The article reports on the security harassments the banned Muslim Brotherhood has been subjected to just weeks prior to the upcoming local council elections.
As the ruling National Democratic Party has enrolled a number of Copts in its lists for the upcoming local councils elections in the southern governorate of Minia, the author believes it is a political exploitation of Copts within the party’s campaign.
A conference on inter-religious dialogue will be held in Cairo on February 25-26. The Vatican ambassador announced the conference and highlighted the Vatican’s wish to enforce relationships between different religions.
Dr. Hasanayn Kushk conducted a study that revealed the increasing number of Christian prisoners in Egyptian prisons. The study presents numbers and percentages and discusses the possible reasons behind them.
Although the ancient Monastery of Apa Bare in Minia has been attacked 13 times over the past three years, local authorities obstinately refuse to allow the construction of a wall to protect unarmed monks.
The article reports on a forum for inter-religious dialogue that was arranged by the Ministry of Endowments and the Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services [CEOSS].
The author, Iqbāl Barakah, presents a review of ’bits and pieces’ of incidents where Muslim-Christian relations were concerned, believing that there are parties who fan the flames of sedition.


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