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The article analyzes the trend of Islamic groupsto fight their way to power under the cloak of religion.
Subtitles:A phenomenon that worries international intelligence agencies; Cooperation between Sunni and Shiaa groups to establish a unified organizationItaly has become the base for the activities of the extremist groups smuggling weaponsClaims that Osama Bin Ladin is attempting to establish an...
In an interview during a recent visit to Egypt to drum up political support, two officials from the Somali Islamic sharī‘ah courts denied links with al- Qā‘idah and the Afghan movement the Taliban. They pointed out that the courts enjoy a great deal of popularity after the "unjust warlords who...
This article discusses the current crisis in Western Anglicanism and notes that a focus on this ignores the fact that the majority of Christians live in the rest of the world. The author asserts that the future of Christianity lies in the churches of the global South, not the West.
The author gives a brief review about the Book of Exodus.
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