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Drs. Hulsman’s report discusses the state of past and present relations between Muslims and Christians in Egypt. The paper opens by giving information about Pope Shenouda III and the most important incidents that have taken place during his reign. The second half of the paper then looks at specific...
The secretary of the late Archbishop Gregorius says there were no differences in faith-related issues between the late clergyman and Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria, but there were different views between the two over issues that were not considered crucial.
As litigation about the title of a piece of land neighboring a Coptic monastery in “Awlād ‘Azzāz” village, sever clashes sparkled between Muslim and Christian residents.
The author comments on the problem of the Anba Antonius Monastery. He explains that he is not writing about the reasons that led to the problem but rather about the misunderstandings that could have turned the incident into a real crisis, in the full sense of the word.
An excellent and important interview with H.H. Pope Shenouda published in al-Musawwar.
In the light of the recent crisis around the Anba Antonius Monastery, the author comments on the policy of the Supreme Council of Antiquities in handling similar problems.
The article reports the visit of Pope Shenouda to the Egyptian community in the US and the issues he discussed there. Among these issues were: the crisis of the Anba Antonius Monastery, the problems of Copts in Egypt in relation to the claims of emigrant Copts. He also commented on the attitude of...
The writers asked Pope Shenouda about the conditions of Iraq and Palestine and the status of Egyptian Christian emigrants.
The author believes that some of the monks tried to turn the crisis of the Anba Antonius Monastery into a political conflict. However, Pope Shenouda made it clear that the crisis is fabricated and showed that he is a shrewd politician when he agreed on the solution put for the problem.
In his weekly lecture, Pope Shenouda praised President Mubarak for his wisdom and elaborated on the role Mubarak played to solve the crisis of the Anba Antonius monastery. The solution is that the wall of the monastery will remain and that the 500 feddans over which the monastery and the...


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