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*/ Across the country, conferences for the salafist al-Nūr Party have been held in al-Menoufiya, New Valley and Alexandria, with the aims of raising the profile of the party and emphasizing its belief in sharī‘ah as the primary source of legislation in Egypt.
A total of 360 salafists attacked a woman in her house in al-Sadāt village, al-Monufia governorate, burning down her house and threatening to kill her if she returned.      
The grand imām of the Azhar states that the Azhar is not able to ban books, but it can offer up its opinion.
Pope Shenouda III forms a committee to consider amending the laws for choosing the patriarch of the Coptic Orthodox Church.
A number of Coptic politicians have welcome the increase in the number of Coptic winners in last local councils elections.
Final results of the elections held on April 8 are pending announcement. The article discusses voter turnout, and the reactions of voters after the elections.
In a recent security crackdown, prosecution authorities in al-Minūfīyah and al-Fayyūm decided to detain 31 Muslim Brotherhood members and leaders for 15 days.
Middle East Christians Association issued statistics on the number of churches and mosques in Egypt.
The following lines present a short biography of Pope Kyrillos VI of Alexandria, predecessor of Pope Shenouda III who was known for his spiritual values and his close relation to former Egyptian President Jamāl ‘Abd al-Nāṣir.
The author considers one-sided media reporting, and the inaccuracies that are frequently present in media publications and outlets in Egypt. He investigates the problems surrounding the issuance of Egyptian identity cards, and the potential sources of these problems.


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