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The article discusses the obdurate Israeli authorities’ excavations underneath the Aqsá Mosque, the third Muslims’ Qiblah, and the third al-Ḥarām al-sharif [the Holy compound].
Dr. Isaac Fānūs freely spoke his mind about the issues he found important. Dr. Fānūs was critical about ecclesiastical institutions and leadership, including those in his own Coptic Orthodox Church. In this interview religions are described as societal entities that humans have created and...
The article talks about the event that occurred in the book exhibition between some Muslim and Christian youths and ended in a State Security Investigation, because the youths tried to distribute free Bibles to Muslims, which is considered an act of proselytizing.
The author discusses Christianity in Egypt, and what it means to be a Copt living in a society that constantly struggles with social issues.
Dr. Ramsīs ‘Awaḍ reviews Robert Satloff’s book ’Among the Righteous.’
The author discusses the rising trend of Islamists throughout the Arab world, and warns of the step backwards for democracy if electing a parliament ruled by Islamists.
The writer talks about the political role of Islamic groups in the Arab Muslim world in an attempt to answer the question: Is Arab democracy possible without Islamists?
The article explores the history of the Bedouin nomads, specifically the impact that their presence, settlements, traditions and lifestyle have had throughout the Middle East.
Following the mixed public reaction to the recent statements made by the Egyptian minister of culture, Fārūq Husnī, on the Ḥijāb, the People’s Assembly’s committees for Religious Affairs and Culture and Media held an emergency meeting on Sunday to discuss the issue. In an attempt to...
Muslims represent the third biggest religious group in Mexico.


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