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The issue of celebrating the mulid of Abū Hasera aroused the anger of the inhabitants of Demtawa, where his tomb is located. There are many conflicting stories about the reality of his character. Some stories say that he was one of the prophets that were sent to the Israelites in Egypt and...
Wide controversy surrounds the Dutch government’s decision which approves a parliamentary proposal to ban wearing the Niqāb in public places.
Investigations into the activities of Dr. Saad Eddin Ibrahim, Director of the Ibn Khaldoun Center for Social Research, revealed new developments in the case. What the investigations and inquiries revealed is recounted in this article.
Some European countries and the Russian Federation have taken legal steps against terrorists who allegedly planned to launch violent attacks.
Twenty nine Arab citizens are involved in the most important trial in the Spanish history
Five Moroccan men and a woman are being tried in Amsterdam on terrorism-related charges.
The article suggests that an aggressive attitude frightens foreign intellectuals from participating in cultural events.
This interview with the Muftī of Egypt deals with the issue of female circumcision, which the Muslim cleric said is not a religious duty. In certain cases it could be considered to be a punishable crime because of the assault it makes on the human body.
This article strongly criticizes the claims of al- Gābrī, professor of philosophy at Muhammad V University in Morocco, about the Qur’ān’s perversion, providing counter arguments to these claims.
Moroccan fundamentalists respond to al-Qaradāwī’s fatwá on bank loans.


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