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The police in Munich, South Germany, announced yesterday that 15 suspects were put under provisional detention after a wide operation launched against some Islamic networks.
The priest of Saint Theodor Church in Cologne, Franz Meurer, will launch a donation campaign next Sunday in order to collect the largest possible amount of money in order to help build a million-Euro mosque in the Vingst district of Cologne.
The article sheds light on Islamic banks and investment of capital companies. They have a religious appearance and a commercial nature. It also comments on the relations between Saudi Arabia and the Muslim Brotherhood.
Yesterday Germany marked the anniversary of the anti-Jewish pogrom, known as the Kristallnacht or Crystal Night, with the inauguration of Europe’s largest synagogue in the heart of the German city of Munich.
The author writes about various German reports about the kidnapping of an Egyptian by American special forces and claims that he was tortured.
The author, Father Rafīq Grish, the head of the press center of the Catholic College in Egypt, publishes a study about Dan Brown’s controversial novel ‘The Da Vinci Code’ in a bid to refute the book that sold over 50 million copies all over the world and was adapted into a movie shown for the...
The West shares responsibility for reviving the religious trend in the Arabic region in the 1990s and for the religious groups’ resorting to violence as a means of expressing themselves. What is meant is not the indirect responsibility of the American policy, which is prejudiced towards Israel...
The German police staged raids in four cities and detained four people who are suspected for planning terrorist attacks. These raids were carried out in coordination with the Turkish and Lebanese police.
A discussion about Tariq Ramadān, his roots and ideology.
By listening to Muhammad Mehdi Akef, the seventh guide of the Islamist organization founded in 1928 by Hassan Al-Banna, one has a feeling of dealing with a personality that is regarded as the "pope" of Islam.


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