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Archpriest ‘Abd al-Masīh Basīt of the Virgin Mary Church in Musturud has rejected claims that Father Marqus ‘Azīz Khalīl, former pastor of the Hanging Church, has produced a film injurious to the Prophet Muhammad and to Muslims. "I don't think Father Marqus would do something like that and I...
Wafā’ Wasfī reviews some of the Copts’ religious traditions during celebrations for the Passion Week.
A Coptic researcher has filed a lawsuit calling for Muslim judges to be prevented from examining Copts’ personal status cases.
‘Abīr ‘Aṭīyah presents the opinions of Copts on the idea that the Coptic Orthodox patriarch can be married.
The laymen’s front had intended to file a lawsuit against Father Marqus ‘Azīz and Father ‘Abd al-Masīḥ Basīṭ, but retreated for the sake of Coptic unity.
Signs of a new crisis between the Coptic Orthodox Church and the Ministry of Culture because of a new book issued by the General Egyptian Book Organization entitled, ’Min Dalā’il ‘Azamah al-Risālah al-Muh...
The article explains that apocryphal books are fabricated and contradict with authentic Christian beliefs.
‘Alā’ al-Jamal and Hānī Mūsá writes about reported sightings of the Virgin Mary at the church of Musturud one week ago.
Egyptian Christians call for changing the language of the Mass from Coptic into Arabic.
In an attempt to prove the falseness of the Gospel of Judas, cAbd al-Masīh Basīt Abu al-Khayr, priest of the ancient Church of the Virgin Mary in Musturud, has published a new book entitled ‘The Gospel of Judas.’


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