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A Dutch bishop calls to use the Arabic word “Allāh” instead of “God.” His call sparked protests in The Netherlands, where the bishop declared that this statement was a personal opinion that does not express the opinion of any of the churches in The Netherlands.
A new wave of anger swept the Muslim world in response to the provocative statements of a Dutch statesman who called to ban the circulation of the Qur’ān in The Netherlands, describing it as an ‘unbearable book’ that promotes hatred and terrorism.
Comments on the sensitivity of religious issues and the influence of Western involvement in Egypt .
‘Alā’ al-Ghudayrīfī interviews Usāmah Rushdī, a former leader of al-Jamā‘ah al-Islāmīyah, on his experience with political Islam groups and his current role as a founding member of the U.K.-based ‘Save Egypt Front.’
Arab-West Report responds to media claims that Dr. Hamdi Zakzouk called for the death penalty for apostates from Islam.
The article is based on an interview with some members of the high-level Dutch delegation, which encompasses prominent Muslim and Christian figures, visiting Cairo for inter-faith dialogue.
The following presents the opinion of Saad Eddin Ibrahim – one of the most outspoken critics of the Egyptian government, who was imprisoned from 2000-2003 for his critique. He is a liberal secularist, but as a result of his strong democratic stance, he defends the rights of all groups in society,...
The referendum for the constitution of EU countries raises the question concerning the situation of European Muslims with regards to the constitution and the Union.
British Home Secretary Charles Clarke has not ruled out another wave of bombings. Prime Minister Tony Blair has said the persons involved in the recent 7/7 bombings in London have offended Islam by acting under the name of Islam.
Egyptian intellectual Dr. Tarek Heggy talks about Egyptian culture, development of critical thinking and Muslim-Christian relations.


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