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Pope Shenouda III comments on the hottest issues of 2007, and discusses different political, financial, and social issues.
In the article, Max Michel Ḥannā, Archbishop Maximus, is still fighting to have his new St. Athanasius Church recognized by the court.
In the article, Bishop Maximus I, head of Saint Athanasius Church’s Synod, responds to a previous article by the Copt journalist Hānī Labīb, in which he had attacked Maximus.
The author discusses the issue of the ordination of women in various Christian denominations and traditions.
The Muftī speaks in this interview about the death penalty, which, he said, should still be in effect to guarantee that the society will not be overwhelmed with vice. He criticizes countries that have legalized prostitution, narcotics and abortion.
The article tackles the discovery of some important old Coptic manuscripts including one about the Gospel of Judas, which, the author says, is part of a valuable treasure in the Egyptian heritage.
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