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Muhammad ‘Alī Ibrahīm tells the story of the Wilmot Camp in America.
Watani interviewed Samir Mitri Gayed, a member of the National Egyptian Heritage Revival Association (N.E.H.R.A), a pressure group which is keen on opening up religious tourism in Egypt.
Analysis of the attacks on churches in Alexandria in which one man was killed, skepticism that the man was actually ‘deranged’, as claimed by the Ministry of the Interior and condemnation of the culture of fanaticism that leads to such events.
The writer comments on the crisis of the Anglican Church in Britain after discovering that Dr. George Carey, the former bishop of Canterbury, consecrated two homosexual bishops.
The archbishop of Canterbury warned against hard times for the church because of electing a homosexual as a bishop for the American state of New Hampshire. The leaders of the Anglican Church outside the US declared their rejection to such a decision. They also intend to call for an urgent meeting...
For the first time, members of an American Episcopal Church have chosen a man as bishop who frankly declared that he is a homosexual.
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