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The Qur’ān desecration incidents still echo in the U.S. and spark outrage across the Islamic world. The scandal that the American Newsweek Magazine unveiled has made the American hostility towards Islam no secret to anyone.
Most of the Egyptian papers and magazines devoted full pages to congratulate Christians on Christmas. Christian and Muslim writers believe that January 7 is considered a vivid example of Egyptian national unity.
Nicholas Papadimas is the hero of the hour in Israel and the focal point of a good deal of gossip on the Jewish street, being the Trojan horse that helped Zionism sneak into the Greek Orthodox Church and seize more Palestinian territories in Jerusalem, including the ‘Umar Ibn al-Khattāb square,...
The reaction of Egypt’s Copts regarding the news of St. Athanasius Church was like an earthquake and its epicenter was in al-Muqattam. The three Egyptian Christian denominations refused to acknowledge the church, under the self-styled Orthodox Dr. Maximus Hannā.
When Pope John Paul II paid a historic visit to Syria in 2001, he entered the Umayyad Mosque, where Muslims used to head right and Christians used to head left for prayer during the 7th century.
Today, we will discuss the factors affecting this loss of trust between the Islamic world and the West and the obstacles to restoring this lost trust. We cannot say that trust between the West and the Islamic world has vanished completely but it was very negatively affected by the following factors...
Transcribed by: Susan Richards-BensonThe following present a transcript of an interview with Tarek Heggy. Heggy discusses a number of issues, centered around his controversial article ‘If I were a Copt.’ He comments on current events in Egypt and the Arab world, and present his opinion on issues...
Amidst his visit to Abu Dhabi to inaugurate the new Coptic Orthodox Cathedral there, Pope Shenouda III was interviewed by al-Ahrām newspaper, in which he spoke about Copt-related issues.
The Center for Political and Strategic Studies in Egypt started in 1964 as an imitation of the British Center for Strategic Studies in London. The center, famous for its numerous communist members, now seems to be a collection of all political trends, including the Muslim Brotherhood.
French Muslims are a considerable electoral power in France. However, their influence is not quite evident in political life because they lack organization. The author provides more details about the political weight of Muslims in France.


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