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The Egyptian press relentlessly covers the national and international reactions to Geert Widers’ film ’Fitna’. A young man in Saudi Arabia has made a movie to respond to ’Fitna’. He used shots that showed British solders filming Iraqis being tortured and simultaneously displayed Biblical texts that...
A Palestinian shaykh from the city of Khān Yūnus has issued a fatwá calling for Egyptian troops on the Egypt-Gaza border to be killed if they resist any Palestinian overthrow of the border fence.
A conference will be held by the Egyptian Association for Historical Studies to discuss allegations of the Zionist movement against the Arab regimes.
The author reviews the newly established King David Museum and Genealogy Center in Jerusalem, believing that it was built to wipe out the Arab identity of the city by corrupting historical facts.
A defrocked monk distorted a letter in the name of Late Pope Kyrillos VI, addressed to Ben Gurion, the Israeli prime minister at the time. It was proved that the fake monk was seeking revenge against the church authorities that rejected him from a monastic life.
Al-Sayyid discussed the decline of Christianity in Arab countries and the Middle East. Emigration, foreign invasions, and internal conflicts are highlighted in the text as the main reason for the decline in Christianity in those countries.
Missionaries are expelled from the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The traditional churches there complained about some missionary groups who belong to unknown new Protestant churches and come to Jordan under the umbrella of charitable organizations to preach to Muslims and Christians in an attempt to...
Pope Shenouda III attributes the escalation in the Palestinian crisis to the division of Arabs and their incapacity or unwillingness to take the risk of reaction. In a world dominated by power, only solidarity can be useful in facing the different challenges. Pope Shenouda also denounced the...
The police in Munich, South Germany, announced yesterday that 15 suspects were put under provisional detention after a wide operation launched against some Islamic networks.
The article reviews a lecture delivered by a Salafī da‘iyah, Shaykh Muhammad Hassān in which he considered football as a Jewish conspiracy to distract Muslims from the Palestinian issue, and that Egyptian celebrations for the trophy of their national team of the African cup of nation is harām.


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