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A long overview of the growth of Islam in the USA.
Christians in Jordan are well off. They are also reaching high government positions.
In this report, we are opening for the first time the file of the Christians in the Arab world. We speak with senior church leaders, throwing light on the relations between Muslims and Christians in the Arab world.
Dr. Al-Gaoushi is professor at the Azhar University and its former dean of Mission (Dawaa) Department. Islam doesn’t accept terrorism and should not be attacked when the West addresses terrorism.
An American official denied that any change has occurred in the American or Egyptian position within the frame of the strategic dialogue between the two countries.
The Saudi government has established a special ministry for Islamic Affairs, Endowments, Islamic Propagation and Guidance to supervise Islamic activities and daawa [mission] work and look after the affairs of mosques. It is the newest addition to Saudi Arabia’s institutions that serve Islam.
Pope Shenouda the third crowns Bishop Philip the first Patriarch of Eritrea.


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