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Grand Imam of the Azhar Muhammad Sayyed Tantawi said the circulation of that alleged book of The True Furqan [a variant name for the Qur’an] is prohibited from a shari’a [Islamic law] point of view specially after it turned out to be a corrupt version of the Qur’an.
Muhammad Emara is right that some Christians have been using unfair missionary methods such as using moments that people are weak to spread the Gospel but it is unfair to generalize this for all Christians [see art. 9 in this issue]
The false declarations by American pastor Jerry Falwell against Islam is not a new phenomenon for Western society. Still, there are Western men of religion, like father Jan Landouzy, who express objective opinions towards Islam. It is important that Muslim scholars get acquainted with what...
Yousuf Sidhom, in his final article of the Coptic expatriates conference in Washington, presents excerpts of the papers that carried concepts vital for the future phase of Egypt’s reform.
A summary of articles about the riots in Paris and politicians’ reactions to them, putting forth explanations for the events and possible steps France should take toward reform.
Deputy Rector of Cairo University, Dr. Hāmid Tāhir, writes about recent terrorist attacks and about the common interests that should bind all people together, regardless of nationality or religion.
This article discusses some of the differences between the Amman blasts and the riots in Paris.
In the aftermath of violence and arson attacks that swept a number of French suburbs, French authorities have imposed curfew in a bid to curb riots and to restore public order.
A discussion about Tariq Ramadān, his roots and ideology.
The author argues that Mossad was not the only party responsible for the loss of an Egyptian genius in nuclear physics, but blames those who sent al-Mashad on an official mission without guards and those who allowed his assassination to take place within their country.


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