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The article reports on statements made by Pope Shenouda during his visit to Aswan. The Pope re-stressed that Copts should not visit Jerusalem until a peaceful solution for the Palestine issue has been reached.
A lot of arguments have been made concerning possible amendments to the Egyptian constitution. Any attempt to modify this constitution must abolish article no. 2, according to ‘Ādil Jundī, which faces much criticism from Copts and others.
The author reviews the relations binding Egypt and the Vatican, which established diplomatic ties in 1920.
The author strongly rejects discussing the Coptic file in the UN, believing that there are hidden Zionist influences behind such step. He unleashes a severe criticism at Eng. ‘Adlī Abādīr who presented the report to the European headquarters of the UN.
The author reports about a visit she made to France during which she visited the well-known grand mosque in Paris. At the mosque, she was unexpectedly showered with insults. A woman explained to her that there are some extremists who sit at the mosque for the purpose of harassing women. She decided...
For the last few months, France has been witnessing a cultural and ideological conflict that arises from what we may call renewing the religious discourse. The conflict started when the former French Minister of Interior invented the term “the Islam of France,” which developed to become an...
Helmy Salem, coordinator of the seminar of “Scientific means for renewing religious discourse”, organized by Cairo Center for Human Rights Studies on August 12 and 13 in Paris, responds to the criticism Al-Liwaa´ Al-Islami directed to the seminar and the statement it released.
The article discusses the attitude of the West towards the Islamic veil spread among Muslim women living in Western countries. The author argues that Muslim emigrants should not clash with their new societies for the veil which he describes as a piece of cloth, especially as Western societies lost...
The author of the article reviews types of Islamic discourse among which are the discourse of Islamic moderation, Sufi Islamic discourse and text-based Islamic discourse.
The author writes in defense of the human rights conference in Paris in light of the criticism leveled at it by writer Fahmi Huweidi.


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