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The author criticizes the human rights conference in Paris and its discussion of the issue of renewing the Islamic religious discourse. He believes that those who discussed the issue are not qualified. He writes that the issue became on everybody´s lips and a subject that is dealt with every...
Dr. Youssef Al-Qaradawi met with a large number of people in a seminar held in the Ahli Club. The author discusses the fatwas he gave concerning the hijab, niqab, singing, and bank interest.
The author presents the views of the “other” towards Islam in light of some western books. He then states his own perspective on Islam.
The issue of the hejab [veil] has surfaced once more in France. The French prime minister tried to explain the attitude of French schools towards the hejab. He says that students are not treated on religious bases but simply as students of the French Republic. That is why no group should be...
In the recent election of the Islamic Council in France, the Muslim Moroccan community won 16 of the 41 seats of the council. Bu-Bakr, the imam of Paris Mosque and the official representative of Muslims in France, is worried about the Islamic Organizations Union, which is supported by the Egyptian...
Paris fire department notified that a fire erupted in a four-story building in San Mandia area, north of Paris. The ground floor serves as a synagogue. The entrance of the building and the stairs of the first two floors were destroyed.
The number of monks and nuns in Europe decreased from 4500 in 1966 to 927 in 2001. This decrease is due to the radical change in the role of the Church and its impact on the society. Furthermore, sexual liberty and luxury helped in the youth’s turning away from the Church and monasticism.
Over the past two years, since the first edition of the Da Vinci Code was released, the book has turned into a major cultural‘phenomenon’.
A French university council meets next October to discuss the hijāb issue inside colleges in the aftermath of a recent decision by the University of Paris X-Nanterre, one of the most famous in France, to have hijāb-wearing students inspected during exams.
Angelic Europe - and particularly France - lets itself to be footed by the strategists of radical Islam. An Illustration came last week, with the green light given in Paris by the Higher Council of Audio-visual (CSA) to Al-Manar, the TV chain of Lebanese Hezbollah, to broadcast in France.


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