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Paris and London are, arguably, the world’s two most cosmopolitan cities. They also have thriving and growing Muslim communities. Unfortunately, it seems that Muslim activists in both places are intent on portraying two contradictory pictures of Islam.
Hardline militants of Algeria’s Armed Islamic Group (GIA) threatened on June 27 to create a "bloodbath" in Belgium if the authorities there do not release several of its leaders jailed last month.
Odette Skandar, a Christian entrepreneur and president of Egypt and Middle East Company, was chosen to be recognized as one of The Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World.
Illusive Religious Wars In his "The Mediterranean Sea" book published in Paris in 1985, the French historian Brodil likens the relationship between Islam and Christianity with the relationship between the dog and the cat: If the dog and the cat find themselves in one place, it requires the decision...
The United Nations celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on December 10. In Egypt the media uniformly ignored the Paris celebrations.
Egypt’s famous architect-writer Milad Hana will go to Paris to receive the prestigious Simon Bolivar award granted to him by the UNESCO in appreciation of his efforts in enhancing ties between Muslims and Copts in Egypt.
The French Ministry of Justice has appointed hundreds of preachers to work in French prisons at an estimated cost of seven million French francs.
The Catholic church refused to renew the contract of the building which the Egyptian church rents in Paris.
The exhibition ’treasures of Coptic was opened by Egypt’s Ambassador in Paris, Ali Maher.
An announcement of the opening of a Coptic exhibition in France.


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