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Fadel Soliman refutes Geert Wilder’s suppositions presented in his film ’Fitna.’ The following article provides Soliman’s critique on the manipulation employed by Wilder in his film.
The author discusses the pope’s recent visit to Turkey, and emphasizes the intellectual battle raging between the West and the religious ideology of today, both in the Vatican and in militant Islam.
Transcript of a speech presented by William Dalrymple at the American University in Cairo, highlighting his experiences traveling to Christian Holy sites throughout the Middle East, as well as his personal interpretation of political Islām. He includes references to both historical and present day...
From Rasputin to Bin Lādin, religion has always had a role in politics and in political plans. The following text depicts biographies of a number of people whose religious engagements played a role in their political life.
There are about ten thousand religions all over the world. This article ranks them in terms of number of religious adherents and describes where the majority of each religion is to be found.
This article discusses the political influence of key church figures.
The review deals with varied opinions about Pope Benedict XVI’s remarks considered offensive in Muslim and Arab countries amidst calls to expel the papal nuncio in Egypt and put the interfaith dialogue with the Vatican on the back burner.
The British Embassy in Cairo has hosted a reception to discuss the rare manuscripts of al-Siryān Monastery and ways to preserve them as part of the great Coptic heritage and Egyptian civilization.
An interview with Egyptian artist Farīd Fādil, including discussion of his views on Muslim-Christian relations in Egypt, ’Christian art’ and Leonardo da Vinci and the controversial book, ’The Da Vinci Code’.
Ihāb ‘Abd al-Hamīd argues that although the victims of the Holocaust were primarily Jews, others groups regarded as undesirable were also murdered and persecuted, including gay men, Soviet prisoners of war, gypsies and disabled people.


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