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During the past few days some groundless rumors held that General Ahmad Shafīq made it to the runoff round against the Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate Muhammad Mursī thanks to Copts’ votes.
An Egyptian NGO that works in the field of services and social solidarity is allegedly helping Egyptian and foreign families to adopt children against the Egyptian law.
Farūq al-Jamal reports on Fū’ād Nijm’s demonstration in downtown Cairo.
The recent strike that was planned failed to have a serious effect in the streets of the capital but there were scenes of unrest in the delta town of Mahallah al-Kubrá. Furthermore, there are conflicting stories over who was behind the strike.
Muḥammad Ḥabīb interviews David Arnold, president of the American University in Cairo. David Arnold comments on the issue that arose when a woman wearing a Niqāb was restricted from accessing the AUC library.
The following presents the opinion of Saad Eddin Ibrahim – one of the most outspoken critics of the Egyptian government, who was imprisoned from 2000-2003 for his critique. He is a liberal secularist, but as a result of his strong democratic stance, he defends the rights of all groups in society,...
The review refers to the Egyptian media reports about repeated accidents of violence and sexual harassments. The main subject was launched on an Egyptian blog that reported a state of sexual “starvation” down town Cairo in the night of al-Fitr feast. The review discusses the question sex and...
A discussion about shortcomings in the administration of justice in Egypt that allow unscrupulous people to get away with crime.
A draft law to combat rumors in Egypt is currently under study by the People’s Assembly. The Journalists’ Syndicate announced its strong opposition to the draft law, describing it as a threat to freedom of opinion and expression.
The author investigates in this series of articles the early beginnings of the Salafist ideology that depends on jihād as its principal activity and discusses the reverberations of this movement in several countries.


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