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On the occasion of the Golden Jubilee for the International Declaration of Human Rights, which is being celebrated these days by the world, the Research and Studies Center of Third World Countries, of the Political Science College at Cairo University, has held a symposium on the future of human...
The author presents an interview with Carolyn Ludwig, co-author of a new novel released by the American University in Cairo Press entitled, ‘The Churches of Egypt.’
The article discusses the passing of Father Antonious Henein, highlighting his achievements in his personal life and the contributions he made to furthering the Coptic Orthodox Church, both in Egypt, and in North America.
The author reviews the films the ‘Da Vinci Code’ and ‘United 93.’
A U.S. authority denies entry of a Muslim scholar to the U.S., detains and then deports him to an unknown destination.
"Kifayà" [enough] movement leaders face huge criticism concerning their mixed ideologies and double standards.
Several months ago Jewish media launched a campaign for the recovering of alleged Jewish possessions in Arab and Islamic countries, including the whole Abbasiya district in Egypt, a great part of the Yemeni city of Aden and villages in Iraq. Mosques and Islamic institutions are already constructed...
Memories of Dr. Otto Meinardus, and the position he took between two cultures, particularly in relation to his stance on Coptic Orthodox traditions.
Last Saturday, Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabia satellite channels admitted that they were hoaxed by an American computer expert. Benjamin Vanderford, 22, from San Francisco, confessed that he videotaped his staged beheading at a friend’s house using fake blood. In the footage, Vanderford sits on a chair...
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