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With Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh about to launch his re-election campaign, a series of explosions rocked the impoverished country on Friday and Saturday [August 27 and 28, 1999]. This was a clear reminder to Saleh that his coming term - as his victory is nearly certain - will not be an...
Yemen’s Interior Minister Hussein Mohammed Arab said in remarks published Thursday that security forces had arrested 16 people on charges of planning sabotage acts in Yemen. "A group of 16 people linked to Abu Hamza Al-Masri were arrested in Sanaa. They were planning sabotage acts," the official 26...
Four people were killed and 43 were wounded a crowded market in the capital of Yemen, when a gunman threw a hand grenade and then opened fire after a Yemeni court upheld the death sentence on the leader of an Islamic militant group.
Most requests for refugee status are based on false claims, says the author who gives examples of terrorists who were granted asylum in Europe.


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