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The assertion of political freedom and the electoral and democratic transformation in the Muslim world does not mean the blind acceptance of Western forms of democracy. Islamic democracy is bound to and directed by Sharī‘ah.
The article reports on the inauguration ceremony of the first Catholic church in Qatar’s capital city Doha.
Ayman Hassūnah reports on the statements of Saudi Journalist ‘Abd Allāh Bin Bijād al-‘Utaybī who belittled a fatwá issued by the Saudi Shaykh cAbd al-Rahmān Bin Nāsir al-Barāk deeming him an apostate.
A report in the March edition of the Arabic-speaking magazine Forbes Arabia presented a list of the richest five Muslim preachers in the Arab world. The report surveyed the income of the preachers during 2007.
The article comments on a Supreme Administrative Court ruling to allow 15 Christians who had converted to Islam and later returned to Christianity to reclaim their legal rights as Christians.
Dr. Khālid Muntasir reviews a novel authored by the Saudi writer Shams al-Muqrin entitled, ’Nisā’ al-Munkar’ [Women of Enormity].
The article looks at a new religious survey, Freedom in the World, which claims that none of the Christian communities in the Middle East are completely free. The author analyzes the changing face of Christianity in the Middle East and the reasons behind its recent decline.
The author shows three conversations he had during his short visit to Egypt, by which he believes that there is a hope for better future for Egyptians.
Lotus Kīwān interviewed Father Zakarīyā Butrus about his motivations behind his frequent attacks at the Islamic faith and his relation with the Egyptian church.


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