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Jamāl al-Bannā reviews the contents of a Web site of a Sudanese Muslim scholar who belongs to the Qur’anis Group. The Sudanese scholar refuted the teaching of a book that belonged to a member of the ‘Sunnah Supporters’ group which affirmed that the Prophetic Sunnah is as important to Muslims as the...
The author discusses the background, aims, and plans of so-called International Islamism. He comments on what he believes to be the three trends that make up International Islamism, and the main platforms that they rely on.
Hibah al-Sharqāwī, the author, criticizes the Azhar’s Islamic Research Academy for practicing a form of intellectual terrorism when it claims the right to confiscate books not only with Islamic themes but books from all other fields as well.
The article provides a literal translation of an article published in the July 6, 2007 edition of the magazine Newsweek.
In the following lines the authors report on viewpoints of different Egyptian figures involved in media issues in Egypt. The article highlights the shortages of discourse in the Egyptian media and suggests solutions.
Rumors circulate in the Egyptian political context about the Ṣūfīs targeting influential political positions in Egypt. There are 73 Ṣūfī orders and 11 million Murīds, assert researchers in Ṣūfism in Egypt.
Islamic democracy is a new lie intended to deceive the world. The Islamic discourse of Muslim scholars and preachers differs according to the target audience. The only solution for the problems of Muslim societies is to separate between religion and the state.
Dr. Sa‘d al-Dīn Ibrāhīm denies fear of returning to Egypt.
‘Ādil Jundī writes his article from the perspective of a Muslim Egyptian, saying that he would work hard to purify his religious heritage by subjecting it to reason and research.
The prominent Egyptian intellectual Tarek Heggy wrote about a number of topics related to the developments in the Egyptian and Arab arenas, sending a number of press messages to figureheads in the Arab world.


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