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Transcribed by: Susan Richards-BensonThe following present a transcript of an interview with Tarek Heggy. Heggy discusses a number of issues, centered around his controversial article ‘If I were a Copt.’ He comments on current events in Egypt and the Arab world, and present his opinion on issues...
The author highlights two incidents that the Islamic world witnessed during the last week that expose the real magnitude of the sectarian crisis and clearly define its dimensions.
An Egyptian doctor in Saudi Arabia is accused of proselytizing Christianity and consuming alcohol.
The article represents different opinions of Muslim scholars about the official and legitimate fatwá.
The author presents viewpoints of six girls that represent three samples of young women in Egyptian society today. Viewpoints about life, religion, and sex vary from one to another. The young women are chosen from different social and educational levels.
The author of Rose al-Yūsuf presents samples of what she calls “random weird fatwás” that spoil Muslims’ lives. Football is ḥarām, a woman sitting on a chair is adultery, and learning English is an ugly identification with West, the “enemy of the Islamic Nation!”
A Christian surgery specialist was insulted and detained in Saudi Arabia after discussing Christian and Islamic faith with his fellow doctors and clarifying that he is an entrenched believer in Christianity.
Dr. Muhammad Sayyid Ṭanṭāwī explains how Islām established a civil state based on both faith and civilization.
Sayyid al-Qimnī examines the state of Ḥijāb amongst Arab traits and virtues.
The article is an interview with professor Dr. Musaffar al-Qahtānī over religious extremism and awareness in Saudi Arabia.


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