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This article sheds light on salafism in Egypt. It points out the areas in which salafis spread and shows how powerful they are in these areas.
Some nurses have abided by the minister of health’s decision that obliges nurses who deal directly with patients to remove the niqāb. Others, however, have objected to the decision, saying that wearing the niqāb is a personal freedom.
In a recent security crackdown, prosecution authorities in al-Minūfīyah and al-Fayyūm decided to detain 31 Muslim Brotherhood members and leaders for 15 days.
Clergymen and governors of the different Egyptian governorates discuss inter-religious cordial relations.
Middle East Christians Association issued statistics on the number of churches and mosques in Egypt.
Fadel Soliman refutes Geert Wilder’s suppositions presented in his film ’Fitna.’ The following article provides Soliman’s critique on the manipulation employed by Wilder in his film.
The following presents a report on poverty in Egypt, and specifically how this issue is being addressed by the Coptic Orthodox Church in an attempt to alleviate the suffering of Egyptians.
al-Aḥrār published a file about the three minorities in Egypt: Copts, Shī‘ah and Nubians. The file sheds light on the historic backgrounds and the current situations of these minorities. Nāhid al-Nibrāwī, editor of the file presents an observation of reality and viewpoints of minorities leading...
The author comments on the recent Shūrá Council’s mid-term elections. He believes that the coverage of the election was mediocre, and that poor press coverage of events is helping to further distance the concept of citizenship.
In the spotlight of the recent random Fatwás, a new Muslim denomination appears to be stealing the limelight on the religious stage. Security forces launched a campaign of arrests against the followers of this belief. al-Qur’āniyyīn or Ahl al-Qur’ān do not recognize the Sunnah or the H...


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