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The Criminal Court of Sohag gave its verdict in al-Kosheh case, in which 57 Muslims and 39 Copts were accused. Ninety-two defendants were set free and four Muslim defendants were sentenced to between one and ten years imprisonment. No one was convicted of murder, although 21 Christians were...
In the past some Copts have been complaining that the Egyptian press has not given (enough) attention to Christian religious feasts. This is why we have listed the articles related to Easter.
A number of Coptic intellectuals have organized a conference entitled: Laymen’s vision of the Problems of the Church. They discussed several problems of the Church, including the regulations of election the patriarch and trials of priests.
Pope Shenouda underwent successful surgery on his spine. The Egyptian permanent ambassador to the United States and the Egyptian general consul in New York visited Pope Shenouda to deliver President Mubarak’s and the whole Egyptian people’s greetings.
The Marqus Coptic Orthodox Cathedral is considering holding a video conference interview with Pope Shenouda at his residence at the Cleveland Hospital in the U.S. The pope is expected to have surgery on his spine.
This press review summarizes responses from a wide variety of persons, including Coptic leaders, clergy, and congregants to the controversial Max Michel, also known as Archbishop Maximus I.
The article carry some of the confessions given by suspects in last year’s bombings in different areas of downtown Cairo, which killed a number of tourists and Egyptians and wounded dozens others.
A review of the media coverage following the Alexandria church stabbings concludes that both Muslims and Christians condemned the attacks and spoke of the need for change in the citizenship rights of Christians.
The Bishop of Shubrā al-Khayma protests against the discrimination against the Christians in Egypt and blames the media for it.
Bin Laden and his terrorist followers, who escaped from Egypt, imagined that Egypt could be a stage for their malicious operations. Their first target was to strike the symbols of the state, the cultured and the intellectuals, and to create a moral dread within Egyptians. Their second target was...


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