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The governor of al-Qalyoubīya, Judge ‘Adlī Husayn, has announced his decision to refer all requests for permission to renovate churches to the Legal Affairs Committee of the governorate, abiding by President Mubārak’s decision on restoring churches.
The author discusses the ongoing problems concerning national identity cards, which are now being computerized, and the difficulty of rectifying minor mistakes.
The weekly mentions AWR´s work in organizing Holy Family pilgrimages. the purpose of the Holy Family pilgrimages is to create an understanding between different cultures. AWR wants to encourage the visits of expatriates to any of the Holy Family locations because this will greatly enhance their...
Bishop Marqus comments on Bishop Munīr’s text on “Christian minorities in the Islamic world; an Egyptian perspective.”
Copts living in the Manshiyat Abdel Mona’am Riyad district in Shoubra Al-Kheima are dissatisfied as the police prevented the building of a staircase in the Anba Bula Church despite the fact that a presidential restoration decree had been issued.
Muslim and Christian men of religion argue against cloning human beings
There are more than 32 Christian satellite channels in the world directed at Egypt and the Middle East. The number of Islamic channels is continuously increasing. It is as if they are in satellite competition.
The calls to revive the Coptic language are opposed by those who fear that this may cause the total social isolation of the Copts inside Egyptian society.
The decision is a historic one for President Mubārak as it is an attempt to deepen the concept of citizenship and equality and came in response to those who allege that Copts are concerned about the Brotherhood’s coming to power and would leave Egypt in this case.
Businessman Hānī ‘Azīz organized a national unity suhour banquet, to which he invited a number of Muslim and Christian men of religion.


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