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Despite the public uproar, the constitutional amendments were approved in a vote in Parliament. While the government and its advocators assert the importance of the amendments in enhancing democracy and supporting people, the opposition considers them an enhancement of the powers of the ruling and...
Following the recent uproar over the broadcast of ‘The Da Vinci Code,’ the Discovery Channel plans to broadcast a documentary featuring a tomb, claimed to belong to Jesus and his alleged wife, Mary Magdalene, amidst strong-worldwide protests from Christian clergy.
The death of a Muslim child in hospital after he was run over by a car driven by a young Christian, Ādil Ishaq, was about to lead to sectarian strife in al-Sāḥil area.
Many Christians were surprised that their religion on their identity cards had been changed.
The Evangelical Laymen’s Council has decided to hold the election for the post of chairman of the Evangelical denomination on March 7 rather than March 23, and to nominate Safwat al-Biyādī and rev. Makram Najīb for the post.
The interview with Muṣṭafá al- Fiqī, chief of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the People’s Assembly, is about the new amendments to the Constitution, the concept of the citizenship, and the Coptic political stance among these changes.
The author continues his series of articles on Dr. Isaac Fānūs, and highlights his contributions to Coptic iconography as well as providing more information about his personal life.
In a complaint made to al-Sāhil chief prosecutor, a Christian woman accused an Evangelical pastor of swindling and marrying her off to a married inspector at the National Authority for Insurance and Pensions through a pseudo-contract of marriage and unknown church’s rituals.
A Coptic Orthodox Church is discovered on Rodos Island in Greece, and raises a number of questions regarding its authenticity.
Rober al-Fāris discusses the phenomenon of the jokes that Copts tell about their priests, citing the opinions of a number of men of religion on the issue.


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