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In his prime he joined the Orthodox Clerical College graduated in 1972. During his final year in college, Max Michel found out that the studies he received from the clergy have not satiated him. He went to the church of Al-Gharbiya and became a servant there until 1976, the year that saw his...
Former imām of Finsbury Park Mosque, north London, Abu Hamza al-Misrī, has denied in court in the U.K. 16 charges including soliciting murder and stirring up racial hatred, arguing that fomenting hatred is a cardinal sin in Islam.
A German province has given all Muslim applicants for a German nationality a "loyalty test” to examine their ability to integrate into German society.
In an interview, Major General Fou’ād ‘Allām, who spent over 25 years in the State Security Investigations Authority, states that the Muslim Brotherhood are liars, that some members of the NDP are working against the state’s interests and that unless the opposition parties improve their political...
The author is skeptical about whether the Muslim Brotherhood have changed, and suggests that if they are genuine about having changed, they should renounce the teachings of their past imām, Hasan al-Bannā.
The writer presents a Copt’s perspective on the success of the Muslim Brotherhood in the 2005 elections and points out that electoral programs are supposed to be announced before the elections, something that the Muslim Brotherhood failed to do.
The authors harshly criticize the Muslim Brotherhood’s attitudes towards women and Copts.
Mājid ‘Atīya clarifies some points concerning the participation of Copts in the recent parliamentary elections.
A discussion of the number of Coptic candidates in the elections.
The author states that Christian ladies wear modest clothes following the example of the Virgin Mary.


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