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In the early 1960s during the tenure of late Pope Kyrillos VI, Coptic Orthodox Christians had only seven churches abroad – two in each of the United States, Canada and Australia and only in Britain (1).
Sāmih Fawzī discusses Egypt’s emigration problem, the need for greater transparency and Coptic expatriates. He also calls on Christians to be active players in Egyptian society andbelieves that in the modern age socio-economic factors are more of a uniting force than religion.
The following lines shed light on the cancellation of a Jewish conference that was supposed to be held in Cairo. It also discusses the recent Jewish attempts to regain property in Egypt and the reactions of Egyptian sources to the claims.
The author points out the comportments that ignite sectarian sedition in Egypt. He refers to a number of Coptic and Muslim Web sites that attack the other religion.
A recent report about discrimination in the workplace has stated that Copts in Egypt are victims of discrimination. The Egyptian government refutes the allegations but here the author highlights ten factors that show this discrimination.
The Greek Orthodox Patriarch Theodoros II held a luncheon in honor of Greek Parliament President Anna Benaki during her latest visit to Egypt to celebrate the opening of Saint Nicholas Church and the inauguration of the Greek Orthodox patriarch Diwān.
The article discusses Egypt’s recent appointment to the UN Human Rights Council. The authors wonder if it is a valid appointment, particularly when considering the fact that there are political parties within Egypt that use slogans that oppose the fundamental ideals of human rights and citizenship...
The heartbreak in all institutional religion is the disaster of clerical and ecclesiastical self-assertion. How dark the institutions of any church can become. The greatest tragedy of all lies in the lives of the humble Christians of any country who are oppressed by the powers that be. Watson...
Usāmah Salāmah comments on the letters of Father Marqus and Munīr Bishāy about Father Marqus’ last interview with al- Miṣrī al-Yawm.
A discussion about a conference on human rights, the innovation of religious speeches, the relationship between religion and the state, the economic progress of non-Arab Muslim countries in Asia, and problems of applying Islamic laws with regard to marriage, divorce, and inheritance in non-Muslim...


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