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The frist part of this recording is an interview with the Archbishop of the Aremenian Church in Turkey, Mesrob Mutfayan about the state of the church and the Armenian community in Turkey. The second part is a press conference with Natig Aliyev, the Director and President of the State...
Al-Zayyāt, the lawyer of the Islamic groups, assures the Jihād Organization’s decision to cease violence enjoys the support of the leading figures within the Islamic groups.
Al-Hamad tries to identify the reasons behind the mutual feelings of hatred and rejection of Arabs and the West represented mainly in the United States. He provides his arguments and presents some Western arguments in the same response.
In her speech at the European Parliament in Brussels, Nawāl al-Sa‘dāwī strongly denied having fled from Egypt due to societal pressure following the release of her new play ‘The Lord Resigns in a Summit.’
Zayn al-‘Ābidīn al-Rikābī writes about Orientalist Bernard Lewis’ allegations made during a conference that has recently been held in Jerusalem.
In its recent book “Islam and the challenges of the 21st century,” the Gama?a Islāmīyah critiques the theory that confrontation should take place between Muslims and Christians, and East and the West. The Gama?a responded to those propagating this theory and asked Muslims not to consider any human...
The heartbreak in all institutional religion is the disaster of clerical and ecclesiastical self-assertion. How dark the institutions of any church can become. The greatest tragedy of all lies in the lives of the humble Christians of any country who are oppressed by the powers that be. Watson...
The author discusses Coptic heritage, and Coptic traditions in the West, particularly in Russia. He highlights the fact that many Russian’s consider themselves Orthodox Christians.
In his three articles, ‘Abd al-Khāliq stresses the anti-Islamic strategy of the United States and highlights the role of the American Democratic Party to mend the deformed picture of the U.S. in its two sided foreign strategy.
‘Abdul Mu‘tī ‘Umrān meets Shaykh Tāj al-Dīn al-Hilālī, the Muftī of Australia, in Cairo to talk about the fierce campaign that al-Hilālī has recently faced in Australia.


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