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By attempting to view the world through the eyes of a terrorist, the author examines the mentality and motivations that lead to acts of terrorism.
Muslims have been facing many difficult challenges in recent times. Overcoming them will require unity and committed effort.
“Islamophobia” is a recently published book in Britain which gives the impression of the presence of an extreme fear of Islam that reached the extent of a psychological illness. The author of the book points out that it is necessary to discuss the influence of Islamophobia in Britain and how it...
The author believes that America helped the Islamic revolution in Iran to establish the Islamic Shiite Iranian republic and helped Islamists in Egypt with the aim of establishing the Islamic Sunni republic in Egypt, to create conflicts between Sunnis and Shiites in the Islamic world. America...
According to the book by General Fou´ad Alam, “The Brotherhood and I,” it was Montasser Al-Zayyat and not Al-Zawahri who led the security men to the place of Essam Al-Qamri, the founder of the Jihad organization. By contrast to what Al-Zayyat recounted, Al-Zawahri did not act as a witness for...
Dr. al-Lāwindī discusses the issue of Islamophobia in Europe and the reasons behind the Europeans panic about the spread of Islam. He moves on to the fact that two concepts have been created as a response to Islamophobia, "Europeanized Islam” and "Islam of Europe.”
The author is arguing that the Danish cartoons crisis is just another round in the historical conflict between the Muslim world and the West. He elaborates on five historical major conflicts between these two entities.
The author discusses Samuel Huntington’s theory of the changing nature of global conflict and the clash of civilizations between the West and Confucianism and Islam.
The head of the OIC has argued that relations between the West and the Arab world are unequal and unbalanced, calling for intercultural dialogue.
The author discusses Dr Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, visit to Pakistan, and the discrimination and persecution of Christians in the Islamic world.


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