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Four members of the Muslim Brotherhood have been detained and held for 15 days in Sūīz The Public Prosecutor for Sūīz decided to hold four leaders and members from Muslim Brotherhood for being accused of participating in the killing of a police officer, two civilians, and staring fires at...
CAWU Researcher Rene Witteveen met with Mina Magdy, General Coordinator of the Maspero Youth Union on October 10th 2014.
Security forces frustrated an attempt to detonate a bomb at St Mark’s Cathedral in Cairo on Christmas Eve.    
I. Introduction In 2007, Rā’id al-Sharqāwī, a retired Egyptian coast guard intelligence officer, provided former intern Maria Rezzonico figures on the number of Copts in Egypt by governorate. These numbers were never published and so, in December of 2011, Ra’ed was interviewed once more to compile...
*/ Dr. Muhammad Badī', the murshid (Guide) of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) emphasised the need for Muslim and Christians to work together “for the good of Egypt” in his speech in Suez the day before yesterday (July 26). Some Salafists joked and rejected his defense of Christian Egypt, but Badī'...
A Suez criminal court on Monday released all defendants accused of involvement in killing protesters on a LE 10,000 bail.
*/ Rallies were launched by hundreds of citizens in several governorates yesterday, under what they have called “national unity Friday” to assure their rejection to any efforts of fueling the fitnah. Other rallies were also launched expressing other demands.  
An analysis of the city of Port Said, and Al-Sayyed Hussein Mahmoud Soliman, the 40-year-old clothes vendor who stirred up public resentment when he attacked President Hosni Mubarak’s motorcade during a visit on September 6 to Port Said last week. Soliman was hot dead by Mubarak’s bodyguards.
Mohammed Shebl criticizes two hadiths which have been used by extremists to justify their activities. He argues that those who deny that these hadiths lead to terrorism in fact encourage terrorism. The RNSAW asked Dr. Abdel Mo’ti Bayoumi, dean of the College of the Foundation of Religion (Usul el-...
This article deals with the relationships between the Sheikhs of Al-Azhar and King Farouq [the last king of Egypt who was forced to abdicate the throne in 1952].
This time the talk about persecution of Copts in the US started in England. The talk comes suddenly and is not about a terrorist group committing atrocities against both Muslims and Christians, but this time it is about the government turning against the Copts. This is the same government that was...
The Mufti says that the reason for Egypt’s defeat in the June 1967 war was due to its atheism and moving away from religion. However, the Mufti adds the victory of October 1973 was because of our strong faith and tight grasp on religion, which made God stand by Egypt’s side, and angels crossed the...
Egyptian security arrests a group of Islamic fundamentalists that were allegedly planning to attack foreign and Egyptian military forces.
Amīrah Ibrāhīm reports on the fatwá issued by Shaykh Yūsuf al-Qaradāwī concerning prayer time during working hours.
The Supreme Emergency Court of the State Security in al-Ismā‘īlīyah extend the detention of the accused of terrorist bombing in Sinai and Sharm al-Shaykh of 2005 and 2006.
Final results of the elections held on April 8 are pending announcement. The article discusses voter turnout, and the reactions of voters after the elections.
Pope Shenouda closes investigations into a nun’s accidental death after proving that the death was natural and not planned.
Dr. Hasanayn Kushk conducted a study that revealed the increasing number of Christian prisoners in Egyptian prisons. The study presents numbers and percentages and discusses the possible reasons behind them.
The Shūrá Council has approved a project law to prevent demonstrations in houses of worship. The majority of Egyptian political parties and authorities approved the decision, but certain people have expressed their opposition to it.
Jābir ‘Asfūr publishes the second part of his article ’School of Copts,’ in which he discusses his education at a Coptic school where he spent his childhood with his Coptic classmates and friends.
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