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Jacques Waardenburg is a Dutch emeritus professor and believes that most Muslim countries have great drawbacks, and that Muslims want and need to see values such as justice, security and democracy prevail. Regarding democracy, Waardenburg believes that, in principle, people should participate in...
The following study aims to explain the process of racism by defining both the biological and social concept of race. The author subsequently builds on this to describe the question of racism of Somalis in Cairo, Egypt.
An official Swiss television channel aired a video investigation that claims that copts in Egypt are persecuted, and forced to live in slums. The video angered Islamic communities in Switzerland and European countries. The Swiss Islamic Shura council issued a declaration condemning the video...
"The Western world's animosity towards Islam will remain because hatred of Islam, both as a religion and a civilization, is an integral part of western culture," writes Rif‘at Sayyid Ahmad. He says he recently attended two seminars on Islamophobia [Reviewer: No location mentioned], the highlights...
The Egyptian press has reported on Pope Shenouda’s medical trip to the U.S and brought to the surface again speculation about who will succeed the current patriarch.
The Administrative Judiciary Court dismisses an appeal filed by lawyer Najīb Jabrā’īl against President Husnī Mubārak.
This article gives a brief account of Pope Shenouda’s health status and draws a comparison between Bishop Mūsa and Bishop Bīshūy, two potential candidates who may succeed Pope Shenouda.
This article sheds light on the secret world of the Islamic adoption declaration room. The author visited two of these rooms, the first solely for foreigners and the other for Egyptian Christians who want to convert to Islam. He relates the story of three cases he witnessed and gives an account of...
Islamic preacher and geology scientist Dr Zaghlūl al-Najjār accused Arab governments of negativism toward the repeated anti-Islam offences, and called for a severing of diplomatic relations with Denmark and an opening of the door to dialogue with other European countries.
Muhammad Salmāwī reports on the book fair in Geneva where Egypt was the guest of honor.
Drs. Hulsman and Dr. Burslem provide a detailed report on Muslim-Christian relations based on a review of Dr. Hugh Goddard’s book, commenting on a number of issues including Western perceptions, mis-interpretations, and examples of recent incidents involving Muslims and Christians.
At the start of the twentieth century two German men with a passion for photography came to Egypt to live and photograph the social environment. The business they set up in downtown still exists today.
A conference will be held by the Egyptian Association for Historical Studies to discuss allegations of the Zionist movement against the Arab regimes.
The article discusses two Iranian women who are breaking the mould in the conservative Islamic society in the country.
‘Abīr ‘Atīyah reports on the statements of participants in a workshop organized by the One World Foundation for Development and Civil Society Care [No link found] entitled, ‘The future of Islam streams in the parliaments of the Arab world.’
The authors outline short biographies of ten Coptic figures that they believe are the most famous. The individuals include pioneers in business, culture, politics and the arts.
Mayy Samīr interviews Hans Küng, a Swiss theologian and author of a book entitled ’Islam: Past, Present and Future,’ in which he wrote about his personal viewpoint on Islam, and condemned Western campaigns against it.
An interview with Pope Shenouda highlighting the term of his papacy.
The extremist right-wing of The Netherlands has opposed the appointment of Dr. Ṭāriq Ramaḍān at the University of Leiden Islamic Studies Chair, under claims that it had been financed by the fascist state of Oman.
This is a representation of the Coptic expatriates’ organizations active in the West.


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