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Ṭāriq Mitrī talks about many issues that occupy the public in Lebanon including Fath al-Islām organization, Palestinian refugees of Nahr al-Bārid, and the U.S. military assistance to Lebanon.
The prominent Egyptian intellectual Tarek Heggy wrote about a number of topics related to the developments in the Egyptian and Arab arenas, sending a number of press messages to figureheads in the Arab world.
The author speaks about Christians’ conditions in the Middle East. He recommends that Arab countries should avoid religious discrimination and fanaticism in order to provide a secure and peaceful existence for Arab Christians. Those countries should also attempt to establish mutual understanding...
In a conference held at the Bibliotheca Alexandria, Bīshop Bīshūy attributed the Arabic translation of the Bible to the efforts of the Umayyad and Abbasid Orthodox caliphs. He further accused everyone who considered Jesus Christ as God to be a polytheist.
The writer criticizes the State’s control of the people’s right to freely express and criticize the corruption in Egypt. He advocates criticism of the damaged regime, hoping that it will enable change.
The following presents the opinion of Saad Eddin Ibrahim – one of the most outspoken critics of the Egyptian government, who was imprisoned from 2000-2003 for his critique. He is a liberal secularist, but as a result of his strong democratic stance, he defends the rights of all groups in society,...
Although it is still too early to unravel the Sharm el-Sheikh bombings that claimed the lives of 64 people - including seven foreigners - and injured 124 others, several facts are emerging which might explain what happened on that bloody Friday night.
When Pope John Paul II paid a historic visit to Syria in 2001, he entered the Umayyad Mosque, where Muslims used to head right and Christians used to head left for prayer during the 7th century.
Transcribed by: Susan Richards-BensonThe following present a transcript of an interview with Tarek Heggy. Heggy discusses a number of issues, centered around his controversial article ‘If I were a Copt.’ He comments on current events in Egypt and the Arab world, and present his opinion on issues...
The article believes the claim of Michel ‘Aflaq’s family regarding his embracing of Islam before his death to be a rumor.


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