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Al-Wafd reports that the Coptic Orthodox Church is calling on its members to boycott the demonstrations to be held on Tuesday in protest of the government.    Archpriest ‘Abd al-Masīh Basīt of the Church of the Virgin Mary at Musturud, Qalyubia has called on the Coptic masses in Egypt and abroad...
The following article discusses St. Mary’s Church, in Mostorod, where the Baby Jesus was said to have bathed in the water of a spring.
The following lines provide a resume of the history of the celebration of the Holy Family celebrated annually in the Upper Egyptian village of Jabal al-Tayr. Moreover, the media shed light on the influence of the financial crisis in Egypt on the celebration.
A Coptic Orthodox group is calling for changes in the legislative system of the church. While members and advocates of the group assert their respect for the church leadership, they stress the necessity of initiating serious administrative changes within the church. The church refuses to...
Father ‘Abd al-Masīḥ Basīṭ, priest of the Virgin Mary Church in Musturud in Cairo, has accused the laymen who called for four Gospels to be re-written, of being like homosexuals in the West.
Salwa Refaat wrote the National Egyptian Heritage Foundation( NEHRA), the Ministries of Culture and Environment and the Antiquities Authority made great efforts to revive the sites on the Holy path. On the same page was an interview with Mr. Mounir Gabbour, Chairman of NEHRA. In: "The Holy Book"...
Bishop Marcos of Shubra el-Kheima and Father Abdel Massih of the Saint Mary Church in Musturod oppose new songs in the church.
An article on the Egyptian town of Tel Basta which is considered the second stopping place of the Holy Family in Egypt after Farma, covering some of its architectural importance, history and some of the incidents that happened when the Holy Family visited it.
An overview of all the sites of the Holy Family with an overview of where currently sites are being restored.
The cave of the Holy Family in Mustorod is being restored and receives a new image. The church is in the possession of a miracle icon which brings healing for ailments.


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