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ʿAmru Mūsā; an Egyptian politician and diplomat who holds the position of Secretary-General of the Arab Leagueand plays a pivotal role in negotiations around most of the major disputes in the Arab world. Such negotations are in regards to the disputes between Morocco and Algeria over Western Sahara...
In a move that has sent shock waves throughout Egypt, the Coptic Orthodox Pope, Tawadros II, traveled to Jerusalem Thursday at the head of a distinguished delegation of bishops from the Coptic Church. The short flight from Cairo to Tel-Aviv can be measured in minutes; the psychological distance...
Public anger against Israel grew yesterday (August 20) after the death of 5 Egyptian soldiers shot dead by the Israeli army, as thousands of activists rallied in front of the Egyptian Embassy in Tel Aviv demanding the expulsion of the ambassador.
The author interviews Emad Gad, a Coptic academic who specializes in the study of Israel and its society. He comments on the current tensions, and hopes for the future, as well as his opinion on Muslim-Christian relations within Egypt itself.
Coptic students resort to isolate themselves in “ghettos” in Egyptian universities to avoid the hostility of Muslim students in general and Islamists in particular. The other students refer to the Coptic places of meeting by Jewish names.
Judiciary independence and national pride are dominating the Egyptian reactions to the US threat to cut aid to Egypt on protest to the seven-year imprisonment sentence given to Saad Eddin Ibrahim. Ibrahim’s American wife says that the crisis will be solved in Egypt without American pressure.
Dr. Elana Gomel, a Russian Jewish immigrant to Israel, is the author of the 175-page book ‘You and Us.’ She says Russian Jews, whose number exceeds one-sixth of the Israeli population, have merged quite well into Israeli society but did not find the promised land they sought.
The author reviews the history of the Azhar University. He argues that the university still exists in the world of knowledge.
A new book, The Secrets of Judas: The Story of the Misunderstood Disciple and His Gospel (Harper, San Francisco, 2006) examines the Judas event from biblical, historical and Gnostic perspectives and exposes the recent media hype about the betrayal story as altered in the Gnostic text known as “The...
The former Dutch prime Minister comments on the Arab-Israeli conflict, the political role of the European Union, the situation in Iraq and the theory of the clashes between civilizations. He also expressed his admiration of Egypt.
The author presents the views of the “other” towards Islam in light of some western books. He then states his own perspective on Islam.
The author comments on the suicide operation committed by two young British Muslim men in Tel Aviv. He criticizes British papers for considering the fact that they are Muslims without taking into account that they are British.
The author comments on the negative consequences of secularizing the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. It may lead the advocates of the secular dimension to be in one group with Zionists. Zionists believe that Islam is the only danger that threatens their state.
Dr. Muhammad Abu Ghadeer, professor of Hebrew literature, has compiled a study on Israeli educational curricula. He gives examples on how Israeli schoolbooks are used to deepen the culture of conflict between Israel and the Arabs and to bring up children on hating whatever is Arab.
The religious Zionist lobby in the US is behind the full American bias towards Israel, which is a cultural and theological bias that is based on Jewish religious myths. Arabs and Muslims should combat such lobby.
This article opposes the use of the phrase ´Islamic terror.´ There is a lot of spin, and the media takes it for granted. Islamic Terror exists in the same way and to the same extent as the Jewish Conspiracy and Yellow Peril. In other words, none of them exist.
The judge of appeal in the court of Heliopolis ordered the continuation of the imprisonment of both a Palestinian women and her Israeli husband for 30 days in custody. The Egyptian State Security Prosecution charged them with offending heavenly religions and with trying to promote a new religion...
The author discusses the three levels of flagrant inequality between Copts and Muslims in terms of their citizenship rights, arguing that though the situation is dismal, great efforts must be made to correct imbalances between Christians and Muslims.
American reports stressed that leading figures of the Egyptian National Democratic Party, including Gamal Mubarak, head of the party's Policies Secretariat, succumbed to the pressures of Washington and Tel Aviv to publish an apology in Al-Liwaa' Al-Islami [AWR, 2004, week 35, art. 35] for the...
Some 260 Christians left Cairo on April 22, 2005 carried by El Al and EgyptAir’s Air Sinai flights for Israel. Air Sinai has flown the Orthodox Copts while the Israeli carrier El Al flew 37 Catholic Copts.


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