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An interview with Pope Shenouda highlighting the term of his papacy.
The author continues his series of articles on Bedouinization. He questions to what extent it is accurate to say that the Bedoiuns had a great influence on culture in the Middle East, and considers dress code among other things.
The British Home Secretary declared that the British government intends to enforce certain procedures to protect Muslims and to face terrorism in all its forms. He added that the government was examining draft laws stating that spreading racial hostility is considered to be a criminal act.
The Coptic Catholic Patriarch’s deputy, Bishop Yūhannā Qultah, has called for deleting words like: ‘Israel’ and ‘Jerusalem’ from all Coptic services. He says such words support thoughts of Christian Zionism, which is strongly rejected by Christian teachings.
A new Coptic Orthodox monastery in Texas, opened in August 2005 by Pope Shenouda, spreads monasticism and tranquility among Copts in the U.S.
In his book "The Islamic threat, myth...or reality?" John Esposito answers the question of whether Islam, after the fall of Communism as a universal power, has become the greatest threat for the West. He represents a methodical prognosis of the political positions in the most important nations...
The article gives information about the geography and demography of Afghanistan and its economic indicators. This is in addition to a historical background that has to do with the Soviet occupation, the civil war and the Taliban government.
The article emphasizes Copts’ patriotism, arguing that Copts in Egypt are never involved with the practices of expatriate Copts.
The Archbishop of York will lead special prayers in the Anglican Church for the Iraqi people. The Mufti of Turkey issued a fatwa to the effect that soldiers who will die in such a war will not be considered martyrs.
Sourat al-‘Arab wa al-Muslimīn Fi al-Manāhij al-Dirāsīya Hawl al-‘Ālam [Image of Arabs and Muslims in school curricula all over the world] by Sulaymān Qinnāwī is a study of the stereotype of Muslims and Arabs in Western school curricula.


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