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Dr. Milad Hanna, one of Egypt’s most prominent Christians, author of many books on Muslim-Christian relations in Egypt and columnist in Al-Ahram, is very dismayed about the proposed American religious freedom law. In an article in Al-Ahram of July 22 he writes that there are sectarian clashes which...
Amin Makram Ebeid discusses the rule of Muhammad Ali, who prepared Egypt for a secular form of democracy, and his successors, and wonders whether the age of tolerance in Muslim-Christian relations ended with the failure of the liberal era.
The author publishes a document written in the form of a message from Hasan al -Bannā, the founder and murshid of the Muslim Brotherhood, in which he called for pan-Arab economic, political and military cooperation and for reaching a fair and durable solution to the Palestinian issue.
Drs Hulsman analyses the lecture of Pope Benedict, noting that the text showed that his lecture was unfortunate but the translation made it even worse. The report notes several translation mistakes from the original German text to English. The Arabic texts were then translations of the English....
Ahmad Fu’ād reports on the news published on the Israeli website ‘Debka File’ on developments concerning the Israeli soldier Gilead Shalit who was captured in Palestine.
The author cites some examples of news reports to do with Muslims and Christians in various places around the world and refers to a study that affirmed a "correlation" between schizophrenia – blamed by some officials for Muslim attacks on Christians – and a parasite called toxoplasma gondii...
A review of the statements made in response to statements made by Pope Benedict XVI of the Vatican in Germany which sparked anger from many Arab and Islamic countries as well as from Muslim communities in Europe. Calls were made for a clear official apology.
The author tackles Kifāya movement’s decision to ban its general coordinator George Ishāq from representing or speaking on behalf of the movement abroad without permission.
According to the author, Muslim communities in The Netherlands struggle to integrate into their adopted home while still maintaining their own religious identity.
The author attacks the Muslim Brotherhood saying that it is against civilization and seeks to establish a state ruled by one party.


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