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The nomination of Abdullah Gul, the Turkish foreign minister, for the presidency of the Turkish Republic, has pushed secular Turks to discussing succession and the meaning of secularism. The author states that the definition for an Islamic Caliphate is that they are the general presidency for...
As elections for the Shūrá Council approach, the article discusses the Muslim Brotherhood’s continued intentions to run in the election, despite the fact that they run under a religious slogan “Islam is the Solution.”
Muslim women in Europe are under increasing pressure to abandon the niqāb.
Kurds will never be main players in their region because of their reliance on the American occupiers, who will eventually, accompanied by their agents, leave.
Muhammad al-Rifa‘ī talks about Nabīl Zakī’s book about Nūbār Pasha and how loyal an Egyptian politician he was, even though the viewpoint of historians differs.
The author asserts that secularism is the right way to peaceful cooperative society.
The writer presents famous examples of successful Egyptian women who changed society.
Wā’il Lutfī reports about how discussions among men of religion and secularists were held in the past.
A German priest, Franz Meurer, has announced the allocation of Sunday mass donations for the construction of a mosque in the German city of Cologne.
The author talks about the relation between secularism and the religious authority.


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