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In the wake of the murder of filmmaker Theo Van Gogh by a suspected Islamic fundamentalist who has dual Moroccan and Dutch nationality at the beginning of last November, a group of Dutch Muslims and Jews are making endeavors to continue dialogue and bridge the gap between the two sides. - See art...
Issues related to anti-Semitism are discussed in four of the papers of this week. Most articles question the connection established between criticizing Israel and anti- Semitism. See also art. 2 and 3
The article sheds light on Islamic banks and investment of capital companies. They have a religious appearance and a commercial nature. It also comments on the relations between Saudi Arabia and the Muslim Brotherhood.
In an unprecedented event throughout the history of The Netherlands a far-right party will propose blocking ministerial appointments of two Muslim ministers on the ground of holding dual citizenship, in the parliament during the presentation of new Dutch government’s work program.
Article two of the Egyptian Constitution is not subject to the proposed constitutional amendments. It is, however, the main subject of heated arguments and discussions in Egyptian society. A debate was held at The American University in Cairo [AUC] about the proposed amendments.
The Rotterdam Court decided yesterday, on recommendation of the Public Prosecutor, to extend the detention of five men and a woman who are suspected of recruiting Muslims to participate in armed Jihād operations worldwide.
A discussion of Christians in the Middle East, their history and ongoing struggles.
The article reveals a major scoop in the case of Muḥammad al-‘Aṭār, who was arrested on charges of being a spy. It is discovered that the Mossad [Israeli intelligence agency] is trying to play the Coptic card to jeopardize Egyptian national security.
The author of the article [Reviewer: No name mentioned] criticizes a book entitled, ’ Dirāsāt Fi al-Firaq’ [Studies on Schisms] by Dr. ‘Abd al-Qādir al- Baḥrāwī, a professor of Islamic Philosophy and the head of the Department of Philosophy in the Faculty of Arts, Banhā University, for regarding...
The author discusses Coptic heritage, and Coptic traditions in the West, particularly in Russia. He highlights the fact that many Russian’s consider themselves Orthodox Christians.


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