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The author discusses the belief that secularism is the only way of making headway and progress in the Arab world. He critiques Lafīf Lakhdar’s arguments, and considers how relevant they are in reforming Islamic society.
After four months of estrangement between the Azhar and the Vatican, the Vatican Ambassador in Cairo, Archbishop Michael Louis Fitzgerald visited Shaykh ‘Umar al-Dīb, chairman of the Permanent Committee for Inter-religious Dialogue, in his office at the Azhar headquarters.
Yūsuf Islām has started to sing again in an attempt to bridge the gap between the civilizations.
The Kifāyah movement is organizing marches protesting the new constitutional amendments. Meanwhile, the movement is experiencing serious internal disputes.
The author of the article blames Muslims for failing to establish a fruitful dialogue with the West.
Pope Benedict XVI urged the Islamic world, at his end-of-year speech to the Roman Curia, to respect human rights and the freedom of faith as the Catholic Church had done in the past.
The article sheds light on actors who retired because of wearing the Ḥijāb and their attitude toward art. The actors’ opinions are published over the Internet.
The article reports on the international conference about "cultural common grounds" that was held at Cairo University
The author calls on international media and civil society to help in the promotion and protection of human rights in the Middle East.
The article discusses the historical development of the Jewish presence in Palestine.


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